From a Zoom meeting to a room of key stakeholders, learn the skills to keep an audience captivated, engaged & persuaded. 

Present with Passion is Flexible in Design, Practical in Delivery with Immediate Impact, helping you apply learning fast. 


Our Present with Passion Workshops support Diversity & are Inclusive, Safe Learning Environments encouraging development & growth for all. 


Everyone is invited & included in our world!


Present with Passion is now available for Virtual / Zoom / MS Teams training.

This new immersive experience will give your team the power to present and express themselves more effectively no matter the circumstances.  

This globally renowned learning  experience is the most important  phase on your 
 journey toward presenting with competence and confidence. From the conference stage, to the boardroom, the TV studio, to client meetings, this program has it all covered, helping you find your authentic presentation voice.

Delivery MethodS

  • Zoom / MS Teams / In Person 

  • 7 Micro Learning Modules

  • 2 Half Days

  • 1 Full Day

Target Audience

  • Technology 

  • Operations 

  • Finance  

  • Facilities 

  • Administration

  • Customer Experience 

  • Human Resources 

  • Marketing

  • From Individual Contributors
    to Executive Teams

Your team have just had the outstanding experience of Present with Passion -What’s Next?


Organizational research has uncovered 3 main data points in the retention and recall of newly learned skills:


Let Pangalo Group help you build on the amazing outcomes from attending Present with Passion.  Practice while improving learning retention and recall long after the initial workshop.

Delivery MethodS

  • Zoom / MS Teams / In Person

  • Group Experience

  • Individual Experience

Target Audience

Anyone who has attended Present with Passion and Pitch with Passion.