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Hello FIKA Season 2

FIKA is a Swedish term for coffee break, a time to connect with friends & colleagues.  Our mission, in these uncertain times, is to continue creating a professional space to connect, stay informed, innovate and learn, with the spirit of FIKA as our inspiration.

Watch Season 2 of FIKA celebrating  fierce female leaders making a positive impact across the globe.  Stay "Mentally Hydrated" with help from our outstanding all female line up.

Experience our FIKA's and share the inspiration with everyone in your world.  NOW STREAMING Season 2 - ENJOY! 


FIKA S02E01: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Marti Wigder Grimminck, Founder & CEO
Industry & Company:  Technology - International Connector

Presenter Location: San Fransisco CA. USA

Topic:  Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign - The Future of Work


FIKA S02E02: Now Streaming!

Presenter: Christyann Andrianopoulos, Director Talent Development 
Industry & Company:  Toys & Entertainment - Mattel, Inc

Presenter Location: Los Angeles CA. USA

Topic: Managing a Sense of Self Through Change


FIKA S02E03: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Mia Fiorella,  Director of Sales & Marketing 
Industry & Company:  Regional Theatre - La Jolla Playhouse

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA

Topic:  Digital First Theatre  - Resources Below


FIKA S02E04: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Geetanjali Khadria, Captain 
Industry & Company: Aviation - Air India  

Presenter Location: Mumbai, INDIA 

Topic:  Gratitude ReFocus 


FIKA S02E05: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Ana Nieto, Transformational Health Mentorship
Industry & Company: Health & Wellness - Mindful Online Workouts  

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA 

Topic:  Sustainable Communities


FIKA S02E06: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Dee Olomajeye, Head of People
Industry & Company: Bio Tech - Senti Bio  

Presenter Location: San Fransisco CA. USA 

Topic:  Living Social Change 


FIKA Resources 

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