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Dimitra is a dynamic HR and Coaching professional with experience in People Operations, Talent Management and L&D. Dimitra’s passion is creating stability in times of change. In our current rapidly shifting world, her pragmatic approach creates connectedness. With extensive experience in IT, Agriculture, Professional Services, L&D and R&D businesses Dimitra has a strong track record of successfully delivering complex programs. As a leader herself, Dimitra has delivered success ranging from systems implementations to operational redesign and delivery of talent development and management all whilst placing emphasis on People.

Dimitra is laser focused on enabling executives to thrive by uncovering and developing strengths for business success while building productive interpersonal behaviors. Her unique combination of thought leadership, operational capability and charisma enables the delivery of strong results for individuals, teams, and organizations.


Dimitra believes that to make lasting change, executives must understand themselves and their own “WHY”. Dimitra loves helping leaders and teams learn and grow to reach their potential. She is passionate about the leaps and bounds made in neuroscience and understanding the relationship between the brain, motivation and behavior.

Dimitra leads our Australia office based in Melbourne as a Melbournian native herself. 

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