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We are a global force  of unique collaborators, passionate about helping companies achieve peak performance.

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Our Passion Persuades ethos underpins everything we do,  fueling our expertise to build innovative, inclusive & culturally diverse businesses & teams.

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Pangalo Group  structures your organization for growth while 

developing, engaging & helping 

retain your most powerful asset  -


We are passionate

about building resilient 
people love.

We are a global force of unique collaborators, passionate about helping companies achieve peak performance.

Pangalo Group  accomplishes this by expertly structuring your  organization for growth while developing, engaging  & helping retain your most powerful asset  - PEOPLE.

Our Passion Persuades  ethos underpins 

everything we do, fueling our expertise to build innovative,  inclusive & culturally diverse business & teams.

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A Boutique 
Learning & Development Studio



We transform businesses and communities by igniting passion for self discovery, 

diversity and people; ultimately building an equitable world.



To proudly  live "Passion Persuades" by building  authentic & dynamic connections globally through our unique high touch and fully immersive methods. 



Passion Persuades is the original "Live Your Best Life" movement. It's inclusive by design & encourages us to live our essence with pride, visibility  & truth. It's about painting with every color in life's crayon box,  creating a diverse  world filled with compassion.

Peter was introduced to "Passion Persuades" at the 1999 Retail Association Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The late, great Anita Roddick was the keynote & began with this important credo. This experience ignited a fire that inspired Peter to  launch  Pangalo Group in 2000 & share this movement.

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