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Show Up for Your DREAMS

“Basically, our dreams need us to get over ourselves! Our dreams need us to take responsibility for them. Our dreams need us to SHOW UP even when we don’t feel like it. They are fragile and need tender loving care. Dreams take time and are often tests of faith – faith in ourselves!! Let’s meet that test!” Mastin Kipp

This week marks the beginning of a new phase for the outstanding collaborative force called Pangalo Group. A phase representing my wildest dreams. To build a global business that helps people grow, evolve and thrive. Ultimately helping make their dreams come true!

However, I feel that we sometimes give up on our dreams because they’re too big, too hard or we just don’t know where to begin. Allowing our inner saboteur to win, by believing we can’t do it.

So, as we take a new path to achieve our collective dreams at Pangalo Group, I encourage you to join me and use the following “Show Up for Your Dreams” techniques:

  • Keep Reaching for the STARS! Your Dreams are valid, deserving and need to be nurtured by YOU!

  • Don’t Give Up! Even if you’re lost and others say you should give up. Find a way!

  • Begin at your natural Beginning! Make a start, keep moving and pivot when you need to.

Oh, and if that inner saboteur rears its ugly head, think of it as seeing an obscure figure in the rear-view mirror of your life. Acknowledge its presences but keep moving forward! Don’t look back.

Dream big this week – you deserve to live the most amazing and exciting dreams in your heart!

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