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You Are What You Think

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

– Buddha

I’ve been inspired this week by a daily blog from an inspirational man – Mastin Kipp @ The Daily Love:, check it out!

The foundation of his recent blog – “Tell a New Story” asserts that we need to be totally aware of our constant internal dialogue and the stories we tell ourselves. Is our life story a tale of “Horror”, “Great Adventure”, a “Love Story” or a “Melo-Drama/Tragedy”? Life happens, however, our response/reaction to life is what counts – and the subsequent story we create makes all the difference.

“Everything can change in an instant when we realize we are the writer, director and producer of our lives. What is your new story? Change your story – change your life.”

– Mastin Kipp

As we all move through so much monumental change, I’m inspired to look forward at the "Next" as a blank page. This is an opportunity to write the next chapter of our collective story, filled with adventure, success, compassion and love.

I hope you are all inspired to write the most outstanding story you want to live as your "Next" and beyond.

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All the best Peter. Quote from Brian Weiss is something I will take and reflect on myself. Thanks Steve Galanis

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