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Putting Your Dreams to Work

Greetings from Mumbai - I've made it! This is my home for the next month as I deliver the client project I've been vigorously working on remotely for the past few months.

I'm super excited (and a little nervous) - because this week is where the "Rubber Hits The Road". New client - New Gig - New Opportunity! It’s now time for all the planning, design, development, and especially the dreaming to pay off.

This week, I'm reminded of an influential quote that’s always helped me pivot from dream phase into action mode over the years.

"I Never Dreamed About Success. I Worked For It!

- Estee Lauder

As they say – Goals are Dreams without ACTION!

I know for me – I can sometimes fall into the "Its too late for my dreams" trap! I get that this is just fear rearing its ugly head: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of making a mistake etc. Whats the worst that can happen though: fail fast and learn or regret not chasing our dreams in the first place? I'll take fail fast and learn please. OK, so how can we turn our dreams into reality – we "Put Our Dreams to WORK"! Everyday - spend a little time putting them to work. No sweeping, all or nothing grand gesture changes required - just the "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" approach. Doing something every day that brings us even closer to our wildest dreams - however small that move forward is. The point is – it's forward motion!

Do something today that puts your dreams to work - no mater how big or small - and see what happens.

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Thanks for the reminder to take small steps & work towards your goal every day. I've been working on changing roles with my organisation & it looks very much like its about to happen. It's going to be a near vertical learning curve but offers so many amazing opportunities. Really finding your blogs inspiring & thought provoking. Looking forward to the next installment.

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