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Leadership Know How: Intent V's Impact

“Success is not just a function of what each person does, there is a significant impact that others have on the success of people.”

Chandramouli (Mouli) Venkatesan: Catalyst

I’m finally back home in San Diego after an outstanding month in Mumbai running my breakthrough LeadershipDevelopment Program for a new client. The program is called Passion for People: developing leadership dexterity. This program fully immerses attendees in real experiences helping to increase Performance, Develop Skills and learn how to fully Engage people and teams. Ultimately – Passion for Leaderships success is in helping drive business growth by developing acute leadership skills that focus’s on people and teams.

It was an exciting project – bringing me back to what I love to do the most – helping develop people, teams and business. I’ve also loved facilitating this series of leadership workshops for cross-cultural teams with diverse and unique needs – it’s been amazing.

However - most of all, I had the distinct honor to co-facilitate with a client from my past – Mouli. This charismatic leader and friend, reached out to me in early July 2018: encouraging my return to freelance consulting. I'm forever grateful for people like Mouli – recognizing what I had forgotten; my core skills in presentation, group facilitation and inspiring others while working with cross-cultural audiences.

Let’s go back a few steps – 2009 to be exact, where I collaborated with Mouli’s highly skilled HR team on a number of international projects with Cadbury Global. So, you can imagine my excitement when Mouli reached out this year. Not only had he remembered me, he wanted me to partner with him on this new transformative project in India. I said YES of course! After reconnecting, I soon learned that Mouli had not only taken a stellar upward career trajectory since Cadbury, he’d become an internationally renowned published author and talk show favorite in India. So, I was not only going to collaborate with a friend and esteemed colleague, but also a media super star. Nerves much going into this project? You betcha!

Fast-forward to now – with Passion for People a resounding success, I’m happily back in the learning and development game. I’ve also had the opportunity to stretch myself professionally and personally, having made new friends and had the amazing experience to co-facilitate with Mouli while in India.

This week’s blog theme – Intent V’s Impact is a concept woven into Mouli’s book and a foundational premise in Passion for Leadership. It asserts we need to be aware of the Impact our actions have on others and situations. Therefore, we should be aware of our Intent - our deep internal emotions, needs and goals in order to gain the best outcomes. My profound learning from the past month in India, working with Mouli and reading his book is that we should remain super vigilant and master our internal dialogue/feelings/intent. Ultimately helping us to create the most positive Impact on others and the world. The concept asserts if we’re not getting the outcomes we desire: especially with people interactions, we must look deep inside. This helps us uncover what our heart and mind is reflecting to the outside world – ultimately course correcting to gain success.

A true inspiration like Mouli has mastered the art of Internet V’s Impact – his lasting impact on me has been positive, transformational and aspirational. I hope I’ve had half this impact during my time in India.

Make sure you grab a copy of Mouli’s book – Catalyst, available on Amazon.

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