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Failure V's Success

It’s the end of my second week here in Mumbai delivering a client project that’s been in the works for many months. Thankfully – It’s been a huge success.

I feel like I’m finally heading in the right direction. That wasn’t the case for a little while.

Until this point professionally & personally I was feeling unfulfilled. Fortunately – the personal part of my life figured itself out. Call it fate or luck: either way, I’m grateful and fulfilled on that front. However, my professional persona needed far more attention, which brings me to this point in Mumbai.

Let me back it up: after a crushing professional disappointment in July 2018, I was flung into a darkness of monumental failure. This disruptive sensation felt similar to the blinding light of success – both disorienting and both have cast me out of my “Chain of Human Existence” before. A concept created by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat,Pray,Love”. She asserts that the “Chain of Human Existence” is our harmonious base providing stability, comfort and routine. She goes on to add that monumental Failure or Blinding Success creates the same disorientation and disruption in our life’s journey. The best way to overcome this disorientation is by finding our way back “Home”.

This week in Mumbai – I’ve been reflecting on how I got to this point of professional self-restoration & made my way back “Home” post failure in July. I’m reminded by a Ted Talk I attended in March 2014 – conducted by Elizabeth Gilbert. Many references in my blog this week are from that Ted Talk - but this direct quote from her presentation stuck me like a brick:

"Self-restoration post crippling failure or blinding success is simple. Find your way back home. Your “Home” is whatever in the world you love more than you love yourself. Creativity, Family, Innovation, Adventure, Faith or Service – find it again and dedicate all your energies to it! - Elizabeth Gilbert

Instinctively - I had done just that post failure – two things actually. First, I highly-tailed it to Denver to be with Ryan (he was living there at the time) while also reaching out to my loved ones for guidance/help/care. These people are my “Family”. Secondly, I steadfast began the journey to take myself back to freelance consulting – Leadership Development to be exact. Professionally – this is the place I love the most – especially back on stage presenting to an audience. This focus taking me back to my “Home” has been simple – direct all my energy to my loved ones/my family and my freelance work I love the most. Fast-forward Mumbai, late November 2018 – here I am this week, tiered but professionally fulfilled.

I’ve included the full Ted Talk: link below. This also includes the transcript from Elizabeth’s presentation. I know it will encourage you find your way back to your “Home” as it did for me.

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