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FIKA  Experience 

Season 2 
"Fierce WOMEN Leaders" of Business

Join us for a new season of FIKA Experiences celebrating female leaders making a positive impact across the globe. With each FIKA Experience, you will gain insights,  inspiration, innovation ideas, and learn from our outstanding all female line up.

Ready to FIKA? Check out our  fierce presenters and register below:


FIKA Experience #06 - Season Finale

Thursday October  22, 2020 
8am USA PT / 8:30pm IST 

Presenter:  Dee Olomajeye, Head of People
Industry & Company: Bio Tech - Senti Bio  

Presenter Location: San Fransisco CA. USA 

Topic:  Living Social Change Every Day


FIKA Experience #01

Now Streaming 
Registration Closed 

Presenter:  Marti Wigder Grimminck, Founder & CEO
Industry & Company:  Technology - International Connector

Presenter Location: San Fransisco CA. USA

Topic:  Rethink, Reimagine, Redesign - The Future of Work


FIKA Experience #02

Now Streaming 
Registration Closed 

Presenter: Christyann Andrianopoulos, Director Talent Development 
Industry & Company:  Toys & Entertainment - Mattel, Inc

Presenter Location: Los Angeles CA. USA

Topic: Managing a Sense of Self Through Change


FIKA Experience #03

Now Streaming 

Registration Closed

Presenter:  Mia Fiorella,  Director of Sales & Marketing 
Industry & Company:  Regional Theatre - La Jolla Playhouse

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA

Topic:  Digital First Theatre 


FIKA Experience #04

Now Streaming 

Registration Closed 

Presenter:  Geetanjali Khadria, Captain 
Industry & Company: Aviation - Air India  

Presenter Location: Mumbai, INDIA 

Topic:  Gratitude ReFocus 


FIKA Experience #05

Now Streaming
Registration Closed 

Presenter:  Ana Nieto, Transformational Health Mentorship
Industry & Company: Health & Wellness - Mindful Online Workouts  

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA 

Topic:  Sustainable Communities

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