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Say Hello to FIKA 

FIKA is a Swedish term for coffee break, a time to connect with friends & colleagues.  Our mission, in these uncertain times, is to create professional space to connect, stay informed, innovate and learn, with the spirit of FIKA as our inspiration.

We launched our FIKA Experience in early 2020 highlighting unique global presenters who share their insights, inspiration, innovation & learnings from this time of immense change. The FIKA's  are attended by diverse industry leaders  from USA, Australia, India, UK & South Africa.

This positive new platform is helping share how we are caring for our teams, inspiring,  motivating & supporting them while staying curious & “mentally hydrated” ourselves.

Experience our FIKA's and share the inspiration with everyone in your world.  ENJOY! 

FIKA Experience S01E01: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Graeme Poules,  People Director, Employee Experience
Industry & Company:  Health & Insurance - BUPA ANZ

Presenter Location: Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Topic: Resilience in Our New - Usual

FIKA Experience S01E02: Now Streaming!

Presenter: Rahul Sinha, CHRO
Industry & Company:  Manufacturing -Pidilite Industries Limited

Presenter Location: Mumbai INDIA

Topic: People 1st - People Over Business

FIKA Experience S01E03: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Trish Healy,  CEO & Founder
Industry & Company:  Events & Entertainment - WonderTent Parties

Presenter Location: Los Angeles CA. USA

Topic:  Getting Back to the Essence of YOU!

FIKA Experience S01E04: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Jim Howard,  Director of People Development
Industry & Company: TV & Entertainment  - Walt Disney Television

Presenter Location: Los Angeles CA. USA 

Topic:  Innovation & Resilience - Business as New - Usual.

FIKA Experience S01E05: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Dimitra Thanis, Human Resource Consultant & Executive Coach
Industry & Company: Multiple Industries - Freelance  

Presenter Location: Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Topic:  Building a Better Normal - Returning to Work

FIKA Experience S01E06: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Randy Clark, CHRO
Industry & Company: Energy - Sempra Energy  

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA 

Topic:  What does Pride Mean to Us?

FIKA Experience S01E07: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Peter Pangalo, Co-Founder & CEO
Industry & Company: Strategy & Learning Services  - Pangalo Group  

Presenter Location: San Diego CA. USA 

Topic:  Presenting with Passion - Becoming a Passion Persuader

FIKA Experience S01E08: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Dmitriy Reznik, Health Informatics Consultant 
Industry & Company: Health  - Freelance  

Presenter Location: San Francisco CA. USA 

Topic:  Transforming Brick & Mortar Mental Health Program to a Virtual Program

FIKA Experience S01E09: Now Streaming!

Presenter:  Murali Menon, CEO
Industry & Company: Consulting Services - Nimbus One  

Presenter Location: New Delhi. INDIA 

Topic:  Contactless High - Touch Customer Experience


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