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Hello FIKA Reload

Welcome to Pangalo Group’s FIKA RELOAD - Limited Series! 


With this Limited Series, our aim is to help you stay fully engaged, energized and ready for what's to come in 2021. 


Why FIKA? 


FIKA is a Swedish term for a “coffee break”, a time to connect with friends & colleagues over a caffeinated beverage and a sweet treat. 

Pangalo Group recognised a critical need in early 2020 to create a positive space where professionals can come together to connect, find inspiration, and stay "mentally hydrated" in a safe, inclusive, diverse and compassionate environment. In April 2020, FIKA was born. Pangalo Group’s FIKA was created and continues to connect and support our global family while sharing our love for coffee and baked goods. 


Each FIKA RELOAD Limited Series represents inspirational themes that helped us survive 2020 and can continue inspiring us in the year ahead. 

FIKA Reload Limited series 01:
Lead from Where You are


Mini Episode 01:

Conversation with:  Randy Clark, CHRO
Industry & Company:
Energy - Sempra Energy  

Location: San Diego CA. USA 

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